Daily Archives: October 2, 2020

Data Quality: Fixing Typos is a $4.5 Billion Market

In this contributed article, Kenn So, an investor at Shasta Ventures, believes that even after years of advances in data engineering and “artificial intelligence”, data quality, particularly structured tabular data, remains a big problem. In fact, it is a growing problem. But that is also why it is an exciting problem to solve.

Someday AI Might Be Your Friend. But Not Quite Yet

In this special guest feature, Costa Tsaousis, Founder and CEO, Netdata, discusses the implications of pairing AI technology with the right human skills. Over time, AI seems destined to mature to the point that it can provide help in managing complex IT networks and traffic volumes – high-intensity demands that can easily overwhelm even very smart people. But we’re just not there yet, and expectations need to be calibrated accordingly.