Monthly Archives: September 2020

TigerGraph Unveils Free TigerGraph Enterprise Edition, Helping Companies Use Graph as the Foundation of Many Modern Data, Analytics and AI Capabilities

TigerGraph, the scalable graph database for the enterprise, announced free licenses for TigerGraph Enterprise, an offering that will empower customers to easily use graph analytics and algorithms that quickly traverse graphs to find insights in real-time. TigerGraph is now free for everyone to use for databases up to 50GB graph size (which can be more than 150GB in other graph systems, which expand data rather than compress it).

How Can We Best Identify and Nurture Promising AI Startups?

In this special guest feature, Salvatore Minetti, CEO, Fountech.Ventures, outlines a number of important points for how we ought to help promising early-stage startups build towards commercial success. Investment alone is not enough, and solving key societal problems will only happen if we properly support and nurture the innovative AI startups who are developing the actual technology.

Managing AI Risks. Multiple Stakeholders Need Access to the Right Data and Insights

In this contributed article, Dr Stuart Battersby, Chief Technology Officer of Chatterbox Labs, offers two important points while explaining how it is critical that issues of AI risk are addressed with clear, transparent, and up to date data into the operation of the AI model.

How Companies Can Gain Value From Small Data

In this contributed article, Shanif Dhanani, CEO of Apteo, highlights four ways to circumvent the need for big data. While big data can fuel astonishing results, organizations can gain value from “small data” as well.

Book Review: Artificial Intelligence Engines: A Tutorial Introduction to the Mathematics of Deep Learning

We’re seeing a rising number of new books on the mathematics of data science, machine learning, AI and deep learning, which I view as a very positive trend because of the importance for data scientists to understand the theoretical foundations for these technologies. In the coming months, I plan to review a number of these […]

Infographic: 3 Data Science Methods for SEO

At a time when data science is becoming more and more present in the habits of marketers and companies, our friends over at OnCrawl shows how data science can be a real game changer for SEO. The infographic below presents 3 ways to use data science to take your SEO strategy to the next level.

Without Uncovering Dark Data, You’re Not Uncovering Business Opportunities

In this special guest feature, Odhrán McConnel, Chief Technology Officer at Trint, points out that according to recent estimates, approximately 90 percent of a company’s data is dark, meaning it hasn’t been analyzed or leveraged to the benefit of the business. If you’re a business that uses any type of technology (which, in the year 2020, is likely almost everyone), you’re sitting on mounds of unstructured – and highly valuable – data.

Addressing AI Trust, Systemic Bias & Transparency as Business Priorities

Trustworthy, Fair, Transparent and Responsible AI is the number one priority for business leaders for very good reason. Noting the size of fines regulators are handing out for misuse of AI, the risk of going live with an AI system that nobody understands, the bias that leads to irreparable brand damage and the lack of […]

causaLens Launches Causal AI Platform

causaLens, a deep-tech company predicting and optimising the global economy, has released a new causal Artificial Intelligence (causal AI) enterprise platform. Businesses no longer have to rely on curve-fitting machine learning platforms unable to handle the complexity of today’s world. They are invited to join the real AI revolution with a platform that understands cause and effect.

Surviving the Big Data Underworld: Establishing and Safeguarding Data Sovereignty

In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper discusses how prudently coupling data backups with timely restoration options, organizations can preserve data sovereignty for unassailable business continuity during times in which it’s needed most.