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Your guide to Data and AI sessions at IBM Think Digital

As the world confronts new challenges, business priorities and job roles are rapidly shifting. Rethinking your entire strategy and the way you work means data and AI will a more central role in how organizations move forward. Launches with New AutoML Platform to Make Machine Learning Accessible to Every Company emerged from stealth and formally launched with its data platform for machine learning. Tecton enables data scientists to turn raw data into production-ready features, the predictive signals that feed machine learning models. Tecton is in private beta with paying customers, including a Fortune 50 company.

How to Prevent Data Black Holes from Swallowing your Organization Whole

In this special guest feature, Tolga Tarhan, Chief Technology Officer at Onica, points out that as data accumulates in an environment, applications and services that rely on that data will naturally be pulled into the same environment, creating a data black hole. As companies continue to accumulate data, they are sitting on ineffectively used data — creating problems with user experience, speed, and digital transformation. And eventually, they are being pulled into data black holes in which the larger a data mass is, the harder it is to move.

AI Under the Hood: Playform

In this installment of “AI Under the Hood” I introduce recently launched Playform (Artrendex Inc.), a generative AI collaborative tool for artists. The company’s tech publicist reached out to me around when the global pandemic became serious, so it’s taken a while for me to write this review. But I was impressed with all the materials the company provided me for making a technology assessment. As a previous researcher myself, I’m always excited when a company sends me a link to an paper written by a founder. Nice touch!

Overcoming data obstacles in the banking industry with Industry Accelerators in Cloud Pak for Data

During these times of uncertainty, all companies are being stressed in new ways; supply chains are being halted with employee sickness, retail store doors are closed to encourage social distancing, and health care facilities are overwhelmed by patient demand.

In the wake of COVID-19, our banking clients are likewise looking to data science and AI to address four specific challenges: providing an extreme customer experience, mitigating operational risks, reducing operating expenses, and maximizing resource efficiencies.

Smoothing the Complexities of a Cloud-First Reality

In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper discusses common issues for scaling business throughout the cloud. Organizations are encountering similar, recurring issues in the cloud that frequently span hybrid and multi-cloud undertakings. If not properly addressed they could potentially negate the boons of this progressive architecture; if so, they can increase them almost exponentially.

Thrive beyond challenging times with Industry Accelerators for Cloud Pak for Data

In my last blog I shared some tips and best practices for leveraging AI to prepare and plan ahead during this unprecedented time of disruption and change. I hope you found it helpful and refer back to it when needed (here). We are seeing an increasing impact to businesses in every industry. Supply chains are broken, demands are shifting and resources are shrinking.

Enterprise Search in 2025

This white paper by enterprise search specialists Lucidworks, discusses how data is eating the world and search is the key to finding the data you need. The enterprise search industry is consolidating and moving to technologies built around Lucene and Solr. In the next few years we’ll see nearly all search become voice, conversational, and predictive. Search will surround everything we do and the right combination of signal capture, machine learning, and rules are essential to making that work. Fortunately, much of the technology to drive this is available to us today!

Big Data’s Unique Role in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

In this special guest feature, John Hogan, Senior Vice President of Engineering at TraceLink, discusses the pharmaceutical supply chain, and the challenges it is facing regarding big data and interoperability. Despite past obstacles, technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), and Blockchain are playing a role in the digital transformation happening within the supply chain.

Big Data/COVID-19 News – 4/26/2020

The big data ecosystem has come out strong to help combat the global coronavirus pandemic by announcing new products and services to help fight COVID-19. In this article, I’ve listed a number of the recent announcements along these lines. Kudos to all the vendors listed below, you may just make an important difference in getting the world past these trying times!